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What do we mean by "B2B Marketing"?

The companies have changed their form of survey, quotation and purchase. In a scenario with more and more informed customers, greater competition (direct and indirect) and an increasingly technical market.
Your business needs the agility to transform and take advantage of a dynamic market.
There are no magic solutions, to achieve success in internet sales, you must understand the benefits of each tool and use in a coordinated way.


Es erróneo desarrollar un producto y luego buscar a quien venderselo.

We will review your value proposal, in point of view of the needs of the final users. You must make a focus on the consumers need, and build the added value of your product around it.
Depending on multiple variables. With this data, you must think of your communication and publicity strategy.
At ABProject we seek to accompany the entrepreneur who wants to "start an internet business", the company that seeks to "expand in the digital market" or the organization that does not have the digital experience among their resources.

Business model

We define objectives for digital media. We implement the strategy oriented to the proposed goals.

Commercial strategy

We think, create and manage the marketing strategy to boost your company.

Management tools

We monitor and optimize the results of your advertising campaigns.

Digital Coaching

We go along with our clients in the transition between the on-site marketplace and the digital market.

Catalog of Services in Digital Media

Each SMBs has a different sales strategy of several factors
(seasonality, product life cycle, market maturity, etc.).
We offer a "Online Marketing" catalog of services, where we combine to shape your tailored digital strategy.

Content Management and Content Production

Each strategy in digital media is based on the "Content", which must show the qualities of your products and its value proposition for the final users.

This service includes all the activities needed to create the content for a web ecosystem, such as:
Research, copywriting, commercial photos, animations, institutional videos, banners, games; those are some examples of the kind of content what internet demands today.

Why do I need content to sell online?
Content to sell online

The main reason, your CLIENTS buy for the VALUE that your product offers to their needs. That must be communicated focused on the "receiver" of the message.

It is wrong to think that the consumer only buys by PRICE. The purchase is an individual process, usually, the CONSUMER makes a purchase when the VALUE that he receives in the operation is higher than the buying PRICE. It is essential to communicate the VALUE of your product. Doing this the PRICE would be finding by CUSTOMERS in the buying procces.

The content enhances the presence and image of your brand mainly in social networks

The key is "DIFFERENTIATION". Your content is the presence and image of your brand on the internet and mainly on social networks. It's a phenomenon that is replacing traditional media (TV, Radio, Newspapers), as entertainment environments.

A content library with articles, infographics, photographs, videos, studies, research works. These are the raw material to attract visitors from social networks; this makes your website interesting for your customers and helps the consumer in the purchase process.

The challenge of communicating the VALUE proposal of your product

The challenge of communicating the VALUE proposal of your product is the objective of the content. An improvised content will not communicate in the right way so that the consumer understands the VALUE of their product. Whatever your product its, communication is key for the CONSUMER to understand and buy. The beauty of a work of art, the functionality of a car, the ergonomics of footwear or the accuracy of medical instruments are not communicated in the same way.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO is the acronym for "Search Engine Optimization" (Search Engine Optimization).

This topic includes a set of rules of good technical practice to expose to Google and other search engines, the content of your site in a structured manner so their robots interpret the relevance of the content of your website, categorize it and show it in certain searches.

How is it possible for a website to have better positioning in search engines?
HTML code optimization

Optimization of the HTML code of your site according to Internet standards; so Google interprets better the content of your web.

It is also important to seek to improve usability (ease of use) for the human visitor.

Generation of content

Continuous generation of content related to your product and the needs that your customers seek to solve.

A content library with articles, videos, infographics, etc. All used on social networks makes your site interesting for your customers and improve your score on the Google index.

Measure the results

Measure the results and correct the deviation in the sales strategy, generating a process of continuous improvement.

Advertising in Google Ads (aka SEM)

Google Ads is a Google service, which gives you access to the most powerful online advertising platform on the market, in addition to Facebook Ads (your partner in social networks).

Campaigns in Google Ads are the essential "tools" for any startup. This service is the most efficient way to have visibility and convert them into sales and/or business opportunities for your company.

The main advantage of doing online advertising with Google Ads is that it makes it possible to set up a "Cost Per Click" (or CPC) campaign, in which you only pay when a user click on your ad and enter the site page for the sale of a product.

Among many features, this service allows you to segment and handle searches to have control over where and who will see your ads; additionally, it is possible to give weigh the most effective "keywords".

Google Ads

We provide comprehensive service management and promotion of their advertising campaigns in Google Ads, monitor, improve and update their campaigns continuously.
We make a dashboard to control panel in real-time information of results.

Advertising in Social Media

The main difference between advertising in Google Ads and Social Networks (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc), is the engagement. In social media, the advertising assets are interactive and can be virialized

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn allows you to target your advertising budget to a segmented target audience: by age, sex, demographic and socio-demographic data, interests, etc.

Main advantages of using ads on social networks for your "digital strategy":
  • High ROI, a great impact on customers with a reduced budget is possible
  • Greater flexibility of AD formats
  • Better segmentation, to contact the target audience.
Main differences of each platform:
Social Media- Facebook

The most prominent ads are sponsored stories or relevant ads.
Ads can link to your web pages, business events or apps.
This social network offers up to nine different types of ads according to the objectives presented in our strategy and broad options for audience segmentation.

Social Media- Facebook

This Is the social environment to interact with other companies. This one is the recommended platform for B2B products.
Allows you to create and verify up to 15 variations of the same ad, select the target audience by demographic and labor variables, has two alternatives the CPC (pay per click) or InMail, payment for direct contact to specific targets.

Email Marketing / Newsletter

Email marketing is the process which you send emails in bulk to a list of subscribers or customers. It is one of the oldest tools of online marketing.

It is possible to achieve greater interaction with your customers and potential clients; through an effective tool, which makes, your emails reach the inbox of your customers generating more sales.

How are effective email marketing campaigns achieved?
effective email marketing campaigns

Sanitation of your contact database - Continuously updating your database you should look for "add new contacts", "deleting those who ask us to unsubscribe or never open your emails", nonexistent boxes, etc.

relevant content in newsletter

Balance The content of the newsletter is 90% educational and 10% promotional.
Sending relevant content and working on the wording and HTML code of the newsletter so as not to be considered spam.

We Monitoring your campaigns

Monitoring your campaigns, the delivery rate, the number of open ones and clicks made on mail links.
With this information we improve the strategy continuously.

Content Generation and Community Management

This service includes the management, construction, and moderation of social communities around a brand on the Internet, in the content of interest for a given audience.

Continuous monitoring of trends on the web, in the business sector, the opinions of your consumers and the results obtained.

As part of our service, a designated journalist generates the content according to the account profile and your editorial line, the Community Manager makes publications, raffles, surveys and games among the followers of a company on different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the aim of increasing the brand image and achieving greater viralization of it.

Start-up of your Fan Pages

Design and configuration of your Fan Page in the most popular social networks.
Each social network has a user manual where it determines how each profile should be configured, depending on the type of product or service, the target and the scope of the content.

Comprehensive management of your communities

Comprehensive management of their communities in the different social networks in which their company is present.

Measure the results

Continuous analysis of the campaigns through Facebook Insights, the Facebook statistics system.
In addition, trends, opinions of consumers and moderation of them are revealed. In order to get feedback from your customers.

How to build a solid B2B Marketing strategy?

We offer you "Online Marketing Services" develop following these steps

Internal analisis

Internal analisis

Focused on your organizational culture

Discuss and outline the functionality of the website or application. Once done that, we create functional and technical specifications documenting the expected functionality of the software.

External analysis

External analysis

Focused on your consumer and competition

Depending on multiple variables. With this data, we start to work into the communication and publicity strategy.

Development and Testing

Design and Development

Build the Digital Ecosystem

Our developers team working together with the design area create functioning screens that allow you to envision how the software will look and work. Once the design is finalized, the databases and coding are implemented to make it a functioning cloud application.

Launch and Training

Launch and Training

Support of the solution developed

Once you approve the project, the cloud-based software goes live and your team will be trained using the real software.

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Our added value?

This is how we add value to your company.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT We take care of the content from end to end. Beginning with the editorial proposal, the writing (being aware of key words), the making of banners, the adjustment of of images, to the programming of updates on the website, social networks, newsletters, groups, etc. MARKETING STRATEGY We design, in collaboration with your commercial team, an online marketing strategy focused on your business goals. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE We deploy systems and the necessary control panels in order to enhace and optimize the our clients' advertising budget, according to the results obtained periodically. WEB DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Design and programming are essential features to provide your customers with a shopping experience that is "attractive", intuitive" and "simple". INFRASTRUCTURE Every web solution depends on hosting services, traffic acceleration, security and resource optimization. Our infrastructure ensures we provide the best service to our clients, and better control over the ratings search engines and social media robots/sytems give to the websites we serve to our clients'users. Enhacing their experience.